Whistler Brewing Export Lager

The trees are rustling in the wind here in Heritage Woods, at the edge of the forest, and it is a balmy 27 degrees outside. We just enjoyed a nice curry for lunch, and with it, I didn’t have an IPA, but I did have the Whistler Brewing Weissbier, which was quite nice.
Next is the WB Premium Export Lager. It, like the weissbier wheat ale, is made from Whisler Glacier Water. Ah, the same h2o that in a frozen condition has scraped my face on many an occasion. Perhaps I will recognize the taste.
Anyhoo, this lager has a perfectly golden colour and is crystal clear. The head faded pretty quickly.
The aroma is hard to put my finger on. It reminds me of one of those Starbucks cold coffee cappuccino bottles you can buy at the Macs. Maybe it’s coffee, or chocolate, it is rather surprising. The intensity of the Aroma was faint to medium, and sweet. Quite nice actually (4.2/5).
The intensity of the flavour is bold for a lager, with a lot of grain taste, and maybe some of that starbucks mochaccino I was talking about. There is just a little corn taste too. It reminds me of a Molson Canadian, but much stronger in taste.
You know, sometimes you just wonder if it is the neighbour making coffee, or if I am actually tasting coffee, it is that subtle. But hey, when I try this beer again, I can compare notes with myself and see. It is what it is.
Overall it’s quite nice, actually.
The body is quite good (3/5), and it leaves an ever-so-faint ring on the side of the glass. The carbonation is about a 2.5/5 as well.
The finish is a little surprising. It fades away, then a bitterness of faint intensity lingers for a rather long time, maybe 45 seconds. It is quite refreshing.
The freshness is good, and overall, I rate it an impressive 4.4/5
It would go really nice with one of those sourdough bread bowls filled with spinach dip!
Overall, this is an above-average Canadian Lager, and nicely represents what a Canadian beer should be. I would serve this one ice cold in a frosted mug for the best result.
Rating: 4.4/5
G-Score: 2

Whistler Brewing Weissbier Wheat Ale

I was pleased to see a write-up in a local magazine for Whislter Brewing, which got me excited to try it, and when I saw their sampler pack at the liquor store yesterday, I couldn’t resist grabbing a case of 12.
Whisler Beer is brewed exclusively with Whisler Glacier Water “born in pristine icefields, naturally filtered by the mountains themselves.”
This Wessbier is gold-amber colour and quite cloudy, a 4/5 on the cloudy scale. the head was good, but not persistent. The photo was taken a minute or two after I poured, due to camera trouble.
The aroma is faint in intensity, a bit of citrus, and bready, and slightly sweet, overall it’s good, not great.
The taste was sweet, floral and citrusy, with a moderate intensity, a pretty nice taste, kinda like pop. There’s kind of a funny taste in the nose, like cilantro, but not cilantro. It’s unusual, can’t figure out what it is.
It is medium bodied, and a 2.5/5 on the carbonation scale.
The finish was medium in length and intensity, with just a little bit of sweetness.
Overall, I think they did well with this one, not boring, but mild, smooth and fresh. No need for a lemon.
After writing my article about skunky beer, I think I will refrain from using the garnishes from now on, unless absolutely needed.
Rating: 4.5/5