Whistler Brewing Company Bear Paw Honey Lager

The weather in Whistler today was beautiful and clear, and -14 celsius. It was a balls-cold -22 at the roundhouse. Today ends what I would have to call a snowboarding “phase” and marks my return to skiing after a 14 year absence. My enthusiasm nearly nullifying the cold, my joy sure to send my snowboard into a deep hibernation.

Speaking of hibernation… this is my first post in a while. My wife and I had a little girl in July, and well, although the parenting juice still flows, I just didn’t have time to write.


After an hour or two skiing solo, I went back to pick up my 3 year-old boy and we bundled up for his first trip up the gondola to the Roundhouse for lunch. Then I took him on the Peak to Peak Gondola (my first time as well), which, by the way, is absolutely terrifying!

When I got down the hill I reached for a Whistler Brewing Company Bear Paw Honey Lager. It has a clear amber colour, a good persistent head, and a mild aroma. The taste is smooth and just ever so slightly sweet. This beer has excellent drinkability, with an exceptionally clean taste.


Whistler Brewing Classic Pale Ale

It keeps getting hotter and hotter in Port Moody, and we keep plugging away, tasting beer after beer, and yes, we drink the whole thing, otherwise, what’s the point?
Next is the Whistler Brewing Classic Pale Ale. This one is the salute to the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics. I was fortunate enough to get a bunch of tickets for some events in Whistler, including the Ski Jump (the big hills) and the 4 man bobsled.
I would love to watch every single sport in the Winter Olympics though… except for the two-man luge. I can’t watch the two-man luge. Really, whose idea was this? Two men in spandex laying on top of one another and… not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just that I don’t want to watch.
All of the Whistler Brewing beers come in a gorgeous bottle with a slender neck. Very unusual. The colour is a darker copper colour, and it is clear as a bell. The head was very generous to start, and very persistent throughout the beer.
The aroma was faint and as far as I could tell, well balanced. I was pretty neutral about this aroma, simply because it was hard to smell it.
The flavour intensity is about a 2/5, pretty smooth for a pale ale, and it was just a bit on the bitter side. Overall the flavour is about a 4.7/5.  The carbonation was pretty lively (3.6/5) and it had a medium to full body, with a creamy texture in the mouth.  The finish was short (1/5) and not intense (2.2/5) and had just a hint of sweetness.
Overall this beer was excellent, and fresh tasting. The key description is SMOOOOOTH!
If I drink enough of these, maybe I will get the image of the two-man luge out of my head.
Rating 4.7/5

Whistler Brewing Honey Lager

In addition to the Whistler Glacier Water, this Honey Lager is also brewed with natural alpine honey, lightly hopped for a smooth and mellow finish.
Ah, how nice. Mountain bees, buzzing around. Whatever.
My G-Score is a respectable 3 now. The birds are whistling, the wind has died down, and kids are playing down the street.
The head was alright, not too bad. My wife poured herself a Whisler Export Lager while I was pouring this beer, and her head overflowed all over the place, as she exclaimed “Uh oh, I got stuff wet!!!.”
Obviously the head in the glass has a lot to do with the style of pour. I will need to come up with a standardized pouring method.
The colour is very copper, and it is as clear as can be. The head was quite good.
The aroma was moderately intense (3/5) and it was a little on the sharp side. Overall the aroma was a 4.5/5 on the nice scale. A little bit of nut and chocolate smell. Could be the nutella in the cupboard though.
The flavour intensity was moderately intense (3.5/5) and it was slightly sweet. Overall the taste is very nice, about a 4.7/5.
The mouthfeel was slick and it was medium bodied (3.7/5). The carbonation was quite lively.
The finish was very long, and moderately intense, and well balanced, maybe slightly sweet.
Overall the beer was excellent, and interesting to drink. It was also very fresh tasting.
Rating: 4.7/5