Nelson Brewing Liplock Hefeweizen

Nelson Brewing is located in the lovely town of Nelson, British Columbia, famous for the 1988 BC Winter Games, and the filming of the movie Roxanne, starring Steve Martin. Nothing else! Until Nelson Brewing came along a case of years ago, serving exclusively organic brews to the masses.
Today it’s the Nelson Brewing Liplock Hefeweizen. This was the hair of the dog from the day before. (Ironically, Hair of the dog is an organic brewery in Oregon which I have never tried).
The colour was almost perfectly golden, and it was very cloudy. The head was quite persistent, a 4.6/5. Impressive.
Earlier in the day, I had a NatureLand Lager, so my G-Score is a 2 for this beer.
The aroma was very faint, and smelled like bread, and flowers. It smells really nice and balanced. It is a 5/5 on the aroma scale.
The flavour is of moderate intensity, and again nicely balanced, not sweet, not bitter. It tasted a little bit like caramel, and a little fruity. Of course, what do I know. I don’t really know what I am talking about, but that is what I tasted.
The body and the carbonation were medium, and it had a drying effect in my mouth. The more I swished it, the more it fizzed, and it just kept fizzing.
There is a lingering bitter taste that is nice and refreshing, with a 4/5 intensity.
This beer leaves nice rings on the glass, something I haven’t seen much of. It tasted really fresh, and I liked it a lot!
G-Scale 2
Rating 4.9/5

Tree Brewing Limited Edition Hefeweizen

It’s 26 degrees and sunny today here in Port Moody, nestled in the trees of Heritage Woods, it is the perfect setting for today’s taste and drink.
Tree Brewing is an award winning craft brewery that has operated in Kelowna British Columbia since 1996. That’s over ten years!!!
They use only the finest ingredients (yeast, water, malt and hops) to produce their all-natural, unpasteurized, and of course, preservative-free beer!
This hef, as usual, is seasonal, and available in the spring and summer only. Who knows why?
I tried my first Hefeweizen 16 years ago at the Lotus Lounge in Portland Oregon, in 1993, on a visit through town. No such thing existed here in Vancouver back then, to my knowledge. Of course I have had many since then. Ah, the memories!
This hefeweizen was a Gold Medalist in the 2008 Canadian Brewing Awards. Not too shabby!! At 5% alcohol, it’s a nice Canadian strength.
The bottle and label look nice, like I am in for something fancy. The colour of the beer itself is somewhere between a gold and amber. You can’t even see through the glass because it is so cloudy, just like a hefeweizen should be!
What a way to start a Saturday afternoon. I am not adding a lemon wedge, because I really want to appreciate this brew.
You know, my pour was pretty aggressive but still produced a pretty small head. I don’t remember if hefs are supposed to be this way, or what?
Before I go on, let me just thank the people at for their beer evaluation sheet. You can visit and download it yourself at This helped me look for a bunch of crap, uh, I mean qualities in beer of which I would have never thought.
Of course, being somewhat innovative myself, I added in a spot at the top, indicating how many beers I had already drunk that day…. just in case it matters. Knowing me, it will!
My wife and I followed the instruction sheet like we were putting together swedish furniture. I drank half of mine, because it was nice, then my wife told me I was supposed to sniff it first. Ok, now I get it.
The aroma was about a 7/10 in intensity, and a little bit sweet. Overall, it was a pretty nice smell, I thought kinda like grain and fruit, or flowers, or something.
Hefeweizen always reminds me of eating raw dough, it has a bready kind of taste, and maybe a little bit citrus, but I hadn’t added a lemon. Perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me.
My wife pointed out that the label says right on it that it has banana and clove undertones. WTF? I didn’t taste or smell any of that. But whatever. Maybe if I squint my tongue a little.
To check the body I swirled the beer and watched how it stuck on the side of the glass. Medium I guess, and if I had to choose how it felt in my mouth, I would say creamy.
The finish was short and on the sweet side, with medium intensity.
This is a nice beer, but lost half a point because of its reduced carbonation. Does that matter even, really? Probably not. I added a slice of organic lemon and finished this baby off with joy.
Overall Rating: 4.5/5