Ephemere Pomme, Unibroue

A beautiful summer day winds down. It was hot. Two Jamaicans ran really fast in London, (and one pulled up lame). I pressure washed my deck. My son threw some hockey balls over the fence. It was a very full day.

Now I can head down to the beer fridge and reach way in the back for an Ephemere Pomme, while getting ready to watch Newsroom on HBO. Seriously that show is awesome!

I hate flavoured beers, usually, but this one really wins me over. The just-right intensity of the granny smith apple taste is sweet yet not obnoxiously so, and is only to complement what is obviously a great-quality effort from Unibroue.

The corked bottle, a little hard to open, provided a satisfying pop after a few minutes of wriggling, and the head was lively but short-lived.

The body is light, like the taste, and it is perfect for days like today, which in Vancouver, can be few and far between.


Ephemere Pomme, Unibroue