Taiwan Gold

It was a joyous afternoon, enjoying my second Taiwanese beer of the day, and watching the World Games on my 42-inch plasma perched at the foot of my king-size bed at the Tango Nanshi in Taipei.
The event on TV was the former Olympic event “Tug-Of-War” (my favourite). Tug of war embodies all qualities of obedience, communication, teamwork, and strength.
Taiwan Beer Gold Medal is a distinctive flavour lager beer (at least so it says on the label, except for spelling flavour the American way).
It is a clear straw colour, with a brilliant head (2/5). The aroma is less intense than Taiwan beer. It is more floral and slightly sweet with maybe a hint of chocolate, but still mostly grain. It is a nice aroma that penetrates the nose, but does so gently.
There is definitely a chocolaty and nutty sweetness to the taste with an intensity of 3/5. Overall, I rate the taste a 4.1/5.
The body is a 3/5 and the carbonation is a 2/5.
The finish is weaker than Taipei original (2.5/5) and faint 1.2/5. The balance is on the sweet side.
The craft is good (3.9/5) and it definitely has a fresh taste (4.5/5).
Overall, I rate it at a 4.2/5. Sure, I’ll drink it.

Taiwan Gold Medal