Mine Beer, Taiwan

Beer culture matters, whether you like it or not!
If we are victims of advertising, Taiwan beer takes it to the next level. Beer companies ( should say, the beer company) in Taiwan advertise by placing scantily clad women in bars wearing a sash that says “Taiwan Beer.”
I discovered this fact while at a restaurant with three of my buddies in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. One girl in particular had a sash saying both Taiwan Beer, and “Mine Beer, All Malt”.
She approached us saying pretty much the only English she could speak, which was “Taiwan Beer is the Best.”
When my friend asked her which beer we should drink, she thought carefully for a moment, and replied:
“Mine beer is better, because it is all malt.”
So cute! So we drank Mine beer.
5/5 for the experience, and the laugh, but not the beer, no way!
No notes, G-4
(3.3/5) overall

Taiwan Draft

From the Old English Embassy, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Taiwan Draft

Kaohsiung Taiwan is a warm and tropical place with friendly people, bright lights, and fresh beer to beat the heat.
One common way to help beat the heat is to have your beer over ice. Don’t ask me why, but when it is 35 degrees and ten at night, nothing is better than an ice-cold brew, poured, literally over ice.
The one we got at this place was properly chilled, no cubes needed. We strolled along the love river, admiring the colourful lights, and the mega party on the pier, where I sank my share of Heinekens, and where a trio of Heineken girls contributed to what was one of the best moments of my life.
(Haha, wouldn’t you like to know?)
Taiwan draft tastes a lot like Taiwan Beer.
(No notes) (4/5)

Taiwan Gold

It was a joyous afternoon, enjoying my second Taiwanese beer of the day, and watching the World Games on my 42-inch plasma perched at the foot of my king-size bed at the Tango Nanshi in Taipei.
The event on TV was the former Olympic event “Tug-Of-War” (my favourite). Tug of war embodies all qualities of obedience, communication, teamwork, and strength.
Taiwan Beer Gold Medal is a distinctive flavour lager beer (at least so it says on the label, except for spelling flavour the American way).
It is a clear straw colour, with a brilliant head (2/5). The aroma is less intense than Taiwan beer. It is more floral and slightly sweet with maybe a hint of chocolate, but still mostly grain. It is a nice aroma that penetrates the nose, but does so gently.
There is definitely a chocolaty and nutty sweetness to the taste with an intensity of 3/5. Overall, I rate the taste a 4.1/5.
The body is a 3/5 and the carbonation is a 2/5.
The finish is weaker than Taipei original (2.5/5) and faint 1.2/5. The balance is on the sweet side.
The craft is good (3.9/5) and it definitely has a fresh taste (4.5/5).
Overall, I rate it at a 4.2/5. Sure, I’ll drink it.

Taiwan Gold Medal