Saison Dupont

In the sleepy town of Margaret River there is a little restaurant called “Must.”  It has the typical clean-and-simple Australian decor, a kick-ass beer list, and staff with French accents… they type o staff that will flip your napkin from the table into your lap as if to say (…do a french accent in your head when you read this) “mon dieu, you are like a little baby who has never been in a restaurant before, perhaps you would like me to also change your poopy diaper you stupid American!.”   Of course I don’t say anything because I don’t want to increase the likelihood of my food being spat on.

Anyhoo, the food here was also great… the fries (chips, whatever) are nice and thin, just how I like it.

I tried a nice belgian beer called Saison Dupont.  You may remember my introduction to Saison beers last summer, and I was freaking out, I loved it so much.  This is the first saison I have tried that is actually from Belgium, and it is superbly aromatic and flavourful.  It was a cloudy amber colour, a little darker than I expected, and had a nice smooth subtly fruity and floral taste.  Tray Bone!  Tray Bone!!

For more information you can visit the Dupont website here:

[xrr rating=5/5]