Kelowna Pilsner, Tree Brewing

I enjoyed this baby on Saturday, 2 days ago. It was only my second beer of the day. After the Tree brewing hefeweizen. I am not going to pretend that I know what order I should drink these in. I think the ones with the most hops go last, so generally I think I am close, but really, who cares.
The colour is nice and light, a straw-gold colour in this picture, but for some reason I wrote it was more copper in colour on my note pad.
The head was alright, not great, maybe a 2/5.
In between beers, I ate a half bag of cheezies. So, suffice to say, the aroma of this beer is of mostly cheezies at the time of drinking. Other than that, I note a faint smell of caramel. Maybe I am imagining things? The aroma is really faint, but on the sharp side. It’s kind of hard to explain.
The flavour is earthy and fairly strong, a 4/5, slightly on the bitter side. There is a slight corn taste.
Again, could be the cheezies.
The feel in the mouth is a little bit slick, with body on the light side, and very faint carbonation.
The finish was short, and of medium intensity, slightly on the bitter side, very consistent.
Overall, the beer was on the boring side, but could pass for an everyday drink on the lake. I questioned the freshness a little bit, so we may need to revisit this at a later date.
Overall Rating:
Not too shabby!! 3.7/5