Okanagan Spring Pale Ale

This is such a common favorite among beer lovers in bc that it is hard to believe that I haven’t reviewed it yet.

Although it doesn’t quite fit, I snapped a pic of this beer in my okanagan springs pint glass.

The head is thick with a light caramel tint. We bought this (warm) on the way home from my 20 year high school reunion, so that we could drink it during the Canucks season opener tonight.

Ah, Edler just scored, nice.

We threw a couple in the freezer to power chill, so this one had a few ice chips in it. When ice cold there is ….


….there is a nice citrus taste, and as it reaches a normal temperature the caramel taste begins to surface.

This is one of the most consistent and reliable and available beers around. This is not one of those beers that you try out for a night of fun, this is the kind of beer you marry!

[xrr rating=4.9/5]

Phillips Blue Buck Ale

With a name like Blue Buck you would expect mediocrity at best.  This emerges at first looking dull and boring.  Not much fizz, the colour is blah, and ther aroma is virtually non-existent, save a hint of citrus.

However, like a sleek missile of simple yet effective design, the Blue Buck ale can take you wherever you want to go.

What Phillips has delivered is a nice mild session ale with a clean finish, just sweet enough to appreciate for the whole afternoon.

This is definitely worth a try, and if you want to break your gib/ok springs pale ale routine, you could mellow it down with this.

Also, if you drink a lot of lager, you may just be able to stomach the jump without even noticing.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

Bowen Island Extra Pale Ale

How pale is it?

I actually bought this taster pack because it came with a free trucker hat. Finally having a sweet beer blog is gettin me some swag, bitches!!!

The colour is a nice dark colour. Unfortunately, this beer only came in cans.

The head was massive! Took a while to pour because of it , and it remained luxurious for a nice long time.

It has a moderately intense bitter aroma, and a beautiful caramel taste.

Still, it wasn’t terribly exciting, but there is certainly nothing wrong with it.

The head coated my glass with a gorgeous Belgian lace, a sign of a well crafted ale.

I really need to try some bad beers. I am much more fun when I call a beer revolting piss, instead of giving it good reviews.