Nelson Brewing Liplock Hefeweizen

Nelson Brewing is located in the lovely town of Nelson, British Columbia, famous for the 1988 BC Winter Games, and the filming of the movie Roxanne, starring Steve Martin. Nothing else! Until Nelson Brewing came along a case of years ago, serving exclusively organic brews to the masses.
Today it’s the Nelson Brewing Liplock Hefeweizen. This was the hair of the dog from the day before. (Ironically, Hair of the dog is an organic brewery in Oregon which I have never tried).
The colour was almost perfectly golden, and it was very cloudy. The head was quite persistent, a 4.6/5. Impressive.
Earlier in the day, I had a NatureLand Lager, so my G-Score is a 2 for this beer.
The aroma was very faint, and smelled like bread, and flowers. It smells really nice and balanced. It is a 5/5 on the aroma scale.
The flavour is of moderate intensity, and again nicely balanced, not sweet, not bitter. It tasted a little bit like caramel, and a little fruity. Of course, what do I know. I don’t really know what I am talking about, but that is what I tasted.
The body and the carbonation were medium, and it had a drying effect in my mouth. The more I swished it, the more it fizzed, and it just kept fizzing.
There is a lingering bitter taste that is nice and refreshing, with a 4/5 intensity.
This beer leaves nice rings on the glass, something I haven’t seen much of. It tasted really fresh, and I liked it a lot!
G-Scale 2
Rating 4.9/5

Nelson Brewing Paddywhack IPA

So, we did take a short break, had dinner, but the sun is still shining as it does in June, until about 10pm in Vancouver.
My “G-score” is 6 (that means this beer is my 6th beer of the day), but I have still made some sensible analysis of this brew.
The city of Nelson hits a soft spot in my heart because I went to the BC winter games there in about 1988 and played hockey when I was 16 years old. It was the first time I drank beers with the guys on a hillside park we christened “booze point.” There is a house there now.
Some lucky bastard owns that house! I bet he owns Nelson Brewery too!!
Anyway, This beer is dark brown in colour, and the label warns you that it is going to hit you in the face with a flavour shovel!
The head was persistent and it had just the slightest bit of cloudiness.
The aroma was on the strong side, 4/5, and sharp. It is a sweet, herbal smell…I noted the following on my note pad: “Smells pretty good, y’know.”
The flavour was strong and quite bitter, but on the nice side.
Apparently they are called India Pale Ales (or IPA’s) because they put more hops in them, to act as a natural preservative when they shipped it to India. People always like to drink it with curries, but I honestly don’t like it with curry. I guess it would depend on the type of IPA, and the type of curry, but usually I prefer a lager when I eat curry.
The body was creamy and drying, and full. It tingled in my mouth. The carbonation was a little on the excessive side.
The finish was long, I gave it a 6/5 (which doesn’t make sense, but that’s the G-score talking). The intensity was 3.7/5 and a little on the bitter side.
Overall, I was very lenient on this beer, because it has great head, good aroma, and tasted very fresh, and last but most importantly, it has 6.5% alcohol. This beer was in good nick, and they obviously have a knack for making beer!
But I can only drink one of these at a time, it has a real edge.

PWB Natureland Organic Lager

Alright, this is the one we have been waiting for. The legendary Pacific Western Brewery. Could this be the best kept secret in BC? Is the fact that I have faithfully drunk Kokanee and Molson Canadian for years, only proof of the fact that I am a victim of advertising?
PWB started in 1957 on a fresh water spring. That’s over ten years ago!!!! To be honest with you, most of their beer cans remind me of visiting the grocery store and seeing “MR Pibb” instead of Dr. Pepper. Turns out though, I loved Mr. Pibb, and it was way cheaper.
Anyhoo, this is quite the accomplished brewery. They sold the first canned beer in BC, the First Malt Liquor in Canada, the first draft beer in a can, the frist dry beer in Canada, the first Canadian beer exported to China, and to Russia…
and last but not least, the first Organic Lager in Canada.
This beer was perfectly clear with the best head of the day, which was good, not great. The aroma was very faint, a little like toast, and a very little bit on the sharp side. Overall the aroma was mild and nice.
The flavour was of a moderate intensity, and very well balanced. It had a slight grain flavour, with a fruity taste, kind of like a banana peel. Or maybe vanilla.
The body is very light, and the foam doesn’t stick to the glass at all, and the carbonation is moderate.
The finish was medium to long with a moderate intensity, and very well balanced.
Maybe I was biased because it was organic, maybe not. I was really surprised by how much I liked this beer. It is the kind of beer you can drink every day. It’s refreshing and mild.
I could sink another one in 40 seconds.
Quite good, actually!!