Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA

Today I am drinking the Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA.

If you are a Vancouver Canucks fan this is a day to forget.  I don’t mean that it is this day which must be forgotten, but it is a day during which we may strive to forget the past.  Forget last year’s playoffs.  Forget this season.  Forget games 1-3.

Did you say “What season?”  Good!

Starting with game four tomorrow, the Canucks begin the nearly insurmountable task of recovering from a 3-0 series deficit versus a (very good) LA Kings team.  The “reverse sweep” has only occurred a few times in history.

Forget history.

If we remember history, we will remember that the Canucks have never won a Stanley Cup.  Seeing as our primary goal is achieving something that has never happened, winning four straight seems like a fitting start to the remainder of this campaign.   Besides, if the players resign, the will lose for sure, an old thing called a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Forget the anger.

You just have to look at Ryan Kesler’s face to understand the frustration he must feel.  Perhaps it is this anger that makes every one of his wrist shots end with the loud “pack” sound of his puck hitting the glass behind the net.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at somebody else.  You are the one who gets burned.

–Siddhartha Buddha

This team is in the process of questioning its identity.  Just because they lost game seven last year and felt out-muscled by the Bruins, they now feel that they have to play a tougher brand.  Meanwhile, the rest of the league envies their talent.  Vancouverites don’t want to see the Sedins hit people, we want to see them get hit, get up, and score.

Forget the Hodgson Trade.

Play Schneider and forget about the implications.

Forget that this is an article about a beer with a nice fresh bite that fades steadily after drinking..

Did you say “what beer article?”  Good!

Rating 4.8/5

Howe Sound Brewing Devils Elbow India Pale Ale

This beer just looks awesome and looks like it is going to kick your ass, and if you are lucky, the ass of a friend.

This is an amazing October day in Port Moody.  The sun is shining, and it is about 17 degrees out, which is even nicer with the patio heater cranked.

This is a one liter bottle, reusable and resealable.  This is going to look great on the hockey bench as my new water bottle.

There is a lively head that makes it challenging but fun to pour.

The head is thick and rich.  The beer is a little hazy, giving the beer a lot of body.  The aroma is subtle and citrus (like bitter orange peel).

The name devils elbow refers to a 4.0 rapid in squamish bc, implying that you are in for a bumpy ride.

What you get instead is an exhilarating and well balanced ipa with tje right amount of edge, and a satisfying bitter aftertaste.

This bottle is great to share, and is strong enough to keep you warm on a not so cold October afternoon.

[xrr rating=4.75/5]

Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA

Phillips Amnesiac Double IPA

I am breaking with normal routine, starting with an IPA. This is, however, a big bottle, and at 8.5%alcohol, it may render me completely unconscious.

I don’t know why it’s called a double IPA… Could be twice as strong, or twice as big. Either way… Nice!!

The colour is amber and a little bit cloudy. The name prepares you for big taste, and the flavor has a nice fresh bite that fades steadily after drinking.

Overall this is a good fresh local IPA.

Also, I am enjoying this on my newly finished deck. The weather is perfect too, what a great afternoon!

PS, I also found out that phillips beer has a website,, where you can access their blog. You can also follow @phillipsbeer on twitter.

This is an exciting beer that is very flavorful, and not for the timid casual beer drinker. For me, it has the character and strength to be a new favorite IPA.

[xrr rating=4.25/5]