Bowen Island Honey Brown Lager

It’s a late Sunday evening (8:50 is late when you have a 4 month old) and we just got home from my dad’s 85th birthday party.

Now that the little guy is finally asleep we can crack open a Bowen island honey brown.

The colour is rich and deep, and the head is good, leaving a delightful ring with each sip.

The aroma is subtle and bitter, and just a little sugary.

The taste is really smooth and well balanced. The taste is very subtle and mild, meaning the wife can drink a few as well. The honey taste is a little more apparent than with other honey brews, which is nice, but becomes more noticeable the more you drink.

A trend among honey lagers and honey browns is that they are very smooth and drinkable.

I don’t really rate a beer based on it’s price, but it is noteworthy that this 12 pack was only $17.00 at the signature liquor store… One of the cheapest you can get. So if you are budget conscious, the Bowen island beers are an excellent choice.

They are an excellent choice no matter what.

[xrr rating=4.25/5]

Vancouver Island Brewing Spyhopper Honey Brown

When beer is this good, there isn’t much left to say!

Copper colour

Bright fruity aroma, medium intensity
good head
Juicy taste, fresh and sweet.
Medium body
Very clean aftertaste, excellent finish.


[xrr rating=4.9/5]

Dead Frog Honey Brown

Dead frog honey brown
Copper moderate head, clear
Moderate aroma, sharp and clean. Toast
Slightly creamier mouthfeel
Slightly fruity taste nicely balanced.
Bittersweet drying aftertaste is a little long, especially toward the bottom of the bottle.

Not horrible, but there are far better beers out there than Dead Frog.