GIB Cypress Honey Lager

Granville Island Brewing makes Vancouver’s favourite beers, or at least so they say. They are the first microbrewery in Canada, and name their beers after our local neighbourhoods. If you are from Vancouver, or BC, or Canada, or Earth, you should try all of their beer.
Save some for me!
The Cypress Honey Lager is a golden-amber colour and had a nice big head when we tasted it.
The aroma was moderately intense, and had toast and nut smells. It actually smelled a little like bird seed, I thought. Also, there was some citrus smell. Overall the aroma was well balanced, but my impression was neutral.
The intensity of the flavour was about a 3.7/5, with hints of caramel, spice and citrus. This is some pretty good stuff, and I rated it a 5/5 on the taste scale. I actually rated it a 5.2/5 at the time, but that doesn’t even make sense.
The mouthfeel was drying, and it is very lively in your mouth. It is medium-full bodied.
The length of the finish is about a 2/5, with medium intensity and slight bitterness.
The craftsmanship is excellent, as far as I can tell, and it tasted very fresh.
This is a refreshing, slightly sweet beer, and I could definitely drink a few of these.

GIB Cypress Honey Lager
Rating: 5/5

Granville Island Brewing Island Lager

Yah, something happened and I lost some photos of the beer. That’s too bad. Instead, here is a lovely photo of NewPort Village in Port Moody. It’s a lovely neighbourhood, and its Port Moody’s version of Granville Island.
Segway to the Island Lager. (I will replace this photo, by the way, someday).
The colour was perfectly golden and brilliantly clear, with a not-bad head.
The aroma was medium intensity,and floral in nature, with sort of a dusty smell. Hard to describe. I ate some croutons a while before, maybe it was that? In an attempt to cleanse my palate, I smelled some coffee beans. That didn’t work, because then the beer didn’t smell like anything at all.
Anyway, the flavour was mild, and well balanced. Overall I thought the flavour was a 5/5.
The mouthfeel was slick and drying, and it had a surprising amount of body (4.5/5) with moderate carbonation.
The finish was very short and faint, and slightly sweet.
Overall, this was a finely crafted beer, quite fresh and very much my personal taste. I could drink 100 of these.

Granville Island Brewing English Bay Pale Ale

Granville Island is a small island right in the heart of the city of Vancouver. It’s name alone makes you think of art, crafts, outdoor jugglers, rollerbladers, yachts, kayaks and fresh fruit and vegetables.
One gem in the center of Granville Island is Granville Island Brewing. GIB opened in 1984 and is Canada’s first microbrewery. Their beers are all named after neighbourhoods in Vancouver.
The English Bay Pale Ale (formerly “Lord Stanley’s Pale Ale”) was named after our second most popular beach… although if you are from Australia, you wouldn’t call it a beach, but to us it is totally a beach.
This happens to be my wife’s favourite beer, and has been since I met her. The NatureLand Lager by PWB is a close second.
I tasted it today a little warmer than usual. My local cold beer store doesn’t carry it, so I had to buy it warm, and it is only partially chilled. Apparently it is good to taste beer like this, so that you taste the flavours more.
The colour is coppery, and the head was good. The aroma is rather strong (4/5) and has a slight grain smell. I think this batch may be a little stale. Overall my impression was pretty neutral.
The flavour intensity was bold (4/5) and slightly nutty. You know, I had that apricot beer earlier, and I think it ruined my senses of smell and taste.
The body was medium, and the carbonation was weak, and there was a drying sensation in the mouth.
The finish was medium, and slightly on the bitter side.
My general impression was that this beer was a little stale, and I had to give it a 3/5. This is disappointing for one of my favourite beers of all time.
I will be sure to re-do this one. But in the meantime, delivery of a good beer is part of it, as is the temperature it is served.
The warm GIB English Bay Pale Ale is rated as follows, but with an asterisk:
Overall Rating:3/5*