GIB English Bay Pale Ale

I was in severe dismay when I had to give one of my favourite beers a bad rating, so I stacked the cards in its favour today.
Previously I had to make excuses… it was too warm, I drank a bottle of crappy beer just before hand. I was in a bad mood, I don’t know. Like the true Canuck I am, I kept thinking, today, it had to do better.
The colour is a dark copper, and it is very clear, with a good head.
The aroma is a 4/5 and smells sweet and chocolatey. This is much different from the previous bottle. I ranked the aroma a 4.4/5
The flavour was rather strong (4.6/5) and on the sweet side with floral and spice flavors. It could have been because I just drank an IPA, but I jotted down on my notes “wow, that’s tasty sh#t, especially after an IPA. It’s like cream soda!”
The sensation in the mouth was creamy with a light body, and fairly lively carbonation.
The finish was moderately strong and slightly bitter, lasting 15-20 seconds.
I rated this off the charts in personal taste. It was fresh, with excellent craftsmanship, and I actually rated it a 6.5/5 on my visual scale, but that was the G-Score talking.
Rating: 5/5

Granville Island Brewing English Bay Pale Ale

Granville Island is a small island right in the heart of the city of Vancouver. It’s name alone makes you think of art, crafts, outdoor jugglers, rollerbladers, yachts, kayaks and fresh fruit and vegetables.
One gem in the center of Granville Island is Granville Island Brewing. GIB opened in 1984 and is Canada’s first microbrewery. Their beers are all named after neighbourhoods in Vancouver.
The English Bay Pale Ale (formerly “Lord Stanley’s Pale Ale”) was named after our second most popular beach… although if you are from Australia, you wouldn’t call it a beach, but to us it is totally a beach.
This happens to be my wife’s favourite beer, and has been since I met her. The NatureLand Lager by PWB is a close second.
I tasted it today a little warmer than usual. My local cold beer store doesn’t carry it, so I had to buy it warm, and it is only partially chilled. Apparently it is good to taste beer like this, so that you taste the flavours more.
The colour is coppery, and the head was good. The aroma is rather strong (4/5) and has a slight grain smell. I think this batch may be a little stale. Overall my impression was pretty neutral.
The flavour intensity was bold (4/5) and slightly nutty. You know, I had that apricot beer earlier, and I think it ruined my senses of smell and taste.
The body was medium, and the carbonation was weak, and there was a drying sensation in the mouth.
The finish was medium, and slightly on the bitter side.
My general impression was that this beer was a little stale, and I had to give it a 3/5. This is disappointing for one of my favourite beers of all time.
I will be sure to re-do this one. But in the meantime, delivery of a good beer is part of it, as is the temperature it is served.
The warm GIB English Bay Pale Ale is rated as follows, but with an asterisk:
Overall Rating:3/5*