Sleeman Original Draft

It’s the beginning of fall with summer-like conditions. My deck is under renovations, so this is enjoyed on the living room couch, with my 4 month old son taking a nap in his swing.

Parenting is easy!

After a long hiatus from anything sleemans, I have taken the huge step of trying sleemans again.

This batch is served ice cold. The head is nice and persistent.

There is a mild bready aroma, and good body, with a creamy mouthfeel.

There is a refreshing citrus aftertaste that vanishes completely.


little Creatures Pale Ale (On Tap)

If you are in Fremantle, Australia, one of the best places to party is Little Creatures Brewery.  It is a huge warehouse-style building along the water, complete with a tin roof and huge patio.  Out back there is even a big party tent with great water views.  The only beer worth drinking is Little Creatures Pale Ale (illustrated but not rated).  The rest of the beer is not preservative free, and is therefore “piss.”