Granville Island Limited Edition Chocolate Porter

Granville Island Brewing can pretty much do no wrong in my books. They consistently make the best beers and deliver a lot of it to a lot of people.

When they made this beer a limited edition, I think they knew deep down that it just wasn’t appropriate to keep as a permanent beer, but it is a nicely crafted novelty.

The actual porter is quite smooth, with just a hint of bitter Rogers chocolate added.


[xrr rating=4/5]


Phillips Longboat Chocolate Porter

Phillips beers seldom disappoint. I received complements for my selection of this tall bottle from the cashier at the Port Moody Liquor Store. Although she pronounced the name wrong, she was very correct in her recommendation of this London style porter. As is quoted in the side of the bottle, “this porter is charged with a distinct chocolatey finish.”

My avoision (yes, avoision) of flavoured beers in the past is well documented, but this chocolatey porter tastes smooth, fresh and natural. The head is healthy with a caramel tint, and a moderately intense vanilla-bean aroma, and the finish is chocolatey, like those expensive Lindt chocolate bars you find at the grocery check-out. The taste of slightly bitter dark chocolate envelopes your mouth enough that you almost expect to be chewing.

When I opened this bottle, I intended to share it with my wife. Instead, I sit in front of my mac hoping to polish it off on my own.


[xrr rating=4.7/5]