Lighthouse Race Rocks Ale

Lighthouse Race Rocks

Wow what a great name!  And unlike other beers which jump at the opportunity to tell you the story behind the name, lighthouse has instead adorned their retro stubby bottle with a shiny minimalist label, such that it would fit right in if seen on the set of an original star trek.

No back story needed.  This full-bodied copper-tinted elixir speaks for itself.  The head is gorgeous and a subtle floral aroma is followed by a mildly sweet flavor, with just a bit of breadiness.

The aftertaste is just a little sweet, in a nice way, lingering just long enough to coax you into another sip.

Lighthouse had some good beers last year, but they appear to be upping their game.


[xrr rating=4.25/5]

Lighthouse Fisgard 150

People are always looking for a light colored beer.  Porterphobes may relax and take a big sigh of relief at the Fisgard 150 Bavarian Lager.

The name suggests serious opacity, instead we have a beer that could get itself some serious popularity.

A few years ago I visited Flensburg in the north of Germany, near the border with Denmark. Things are different there. The bartender may spend five minutes slowly pouring your beer just to make it perfect, as they did in the Alter Meirhoff Vital Hotel and Health Spa.

On the other hand they may quickly pour a meter-long tray of small glasses for you and your friends the way they do at the Brewhaus. Beer is served so quickly here that the washroom has a sink designed specifically for vomiting.  Let me repeat that, a sink for vomiting.


This beer transported me directly back to the Vital Hotel, of course, while I was there I spent more time in the bar than in the Spa…

Fisgard 150 from Victoria’s Lighthouse Brewing, is a lot like the airy lagers of Northern Germany. It has a light floral aroma and mild sweetness that every lager lover should try.

I am yet to find such a true representation of a German Lager as I have with this beer.  It is light in colour, with a faint grainy aroma, and a beautifully smooth and subtly floral taste, with a nice sweet finish.

The sweet finish is really what could be the Achilles heel of this beer, and is what makes it really not as authentic as it could be.  But I kind of like it.


[xrr rating=4.5/5]

Rickards Red

Richards Red.  The name itself conjures up deep memories for me.  Waaaay back to the 90s.

Long before the television commercials featuring choirs chanting stirring classical music, there was a bar in Vancouver called Luvafair.  In this bar, once or twice a week,  Rickards Red was on special.  We lurked over the “Super Chexx” bubble hockey and the Star Wars Pinball, and the “Tornado” foosball table usually swilling back, you guessed it, Rickards Red, on tap.

Luvafair is long gone, torn down, and luckily, I have room in my basement for a Tornado table of my own.   I don’t have enough room for a Super Chexx, or Star Wars Pinball, but I have room for the occasional Rickard’s Red.

This is a mass produced beer, very mainstream, and it probably was back then, but I didn’t know, I didn’t care… not about where it came from, or whether it had preservatives (but I knew it didn’t).  This was a mysterious exotic beer, new to me.

So let’s give this dark red drink another go.  It had a fantastic head, and a mild slightly floral aroma. The taste is smooth, and surprisingly short on body, with a slight bitter aftertaste.

3.5/5 (G1)

[xrr rating=3.5/5]