Mine Beer, Taiwan

Beer culture matters, whether you like it or not!
If we are victims of advertising, Taiwan beer takes it to the next level. Beer companies ( should say, the beer company) in Taiwan advertise by placing scantily clad women in bars wearing a sash that says “Taiwan Beer.”
I discovered this fact while at a restaurant with three of my buddies in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. One girl in particular had a sash saying both Taiwan Beer, and “Mine Beer, All Malt”.
She approached us saying pretty much the only English she could speak, which was “Taiwan Beer is the Best.”
When my friend asked her which beer we should drink, she thought carefully for a moment, and replied:
“Mine beer is better, because it is all malt.”
So cute! So we drank Mine beer.
5/5 for the experience, and the laugh, but not the beer, no way!
No notes, G-4
(3.3/5) overall

Taiwan Draft

From the Old English Embassy, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Taiwan Beer

This entry is late, very very late. I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to my reader (yes, you) for this very late entry to my blog.
At 5 am I arrived in Taoyuan airport outside Taipei after a relatively quick-feeling 11-hour flight from Vancouver. I then waited 75 minutes to catch a bus which travelled for 15 minutes to arrive at the bullet train station.
I purchased my ticket to Taiwan, then wandered to the 7-11.
There it was! Taiwan Beer. I looked for all the Taiwan beers I could…
But I found only one. The distinctive piano key label of Taiwan Beer. But 5 am it was, and having found it so quickly, I knew it would be easy to find later.
I caught the bullet train, checked my bag into my hotel. Check in time wasn’t until 1:00 (also beer 0‘clock). So I then wandered around taipei, visiting Taipei 101, as well as the museum of modern art. I ate some baked goods which for some reason are really good in Taipei. WOW.
I then wandered to the 7-11 (omnipresent in Taiwan) which was located at the subway station, and brought it back to the Tango Nanshi Hotel where I was staying.
By the way, this was one small but pimpin’ hotel room. I highly recommend this place.
The beer is a gold/straw colour, with a good head, slightly more yellow than your typical Canadian Lager. The head was good and brilliant, but short-lived. The aroma was a 3.5/5 in intensity, and slightly sharp. My overall impression was neutral.
The aroma was slightly toasty and earthy.
The flavour is a 3.5/5 in intensity with a grain and nut quality (maybe rice?) The taste overall is smooth and well-balanced, a nice 4.5/5.
The mouth feel is drying with lively carbonation. The finish was medium to long and moderate in intensity, well balanced initially, with a little sweetness at the end.
This is the first rice beer I have tasted. I give it a 4/5 for craft and 4/5 for freshness.
I liked it fine and dandy, thank you! Overall, a 4.2/5.
So, why is it the best? check out my next entry.

Taiwan Beer, From the 7-11, Taipei

Taipei 101

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei