Suntory Beer

I was really planning on tasting more Taiwan Beer brands, but couldn’t find the rest at the corner store just yet. So, instead, I opted for this beer, Suntory. I think it’s from Japan.
It was a straw Gold colour, brilliant. The head was lively but short-lived. The aroma is a 3.5 in intensity, and a 4/5 in sharpness. Overall, my impression of the aroma is a 3.5/5
APPLES!!! This beer tastes like apple juice. Seriously, I think this might be apple juice. It’s not. It says 5% alcohol on the label.
The taste is sweet and slightly caramel (and apples). (fuji or gala apples to be precise). (Must be fuji apples).
The taste is an intense 5/5.
The mouthfeel is creamy, with a medium body. The finish is long and sweet.
As for craftsmanship, this is not a boring beer. I got excited, but it’s partially because I don’t know what I am drinking. This could be cider. I have never had cider. So much is unknown! Some beers aren’t session beers because they are hoppy, but this one is not a session beer because it is so sweet.
If they threw apple flavouring in this, I will be really upset, but if it’s just apple hops, that’s okay. Still, not much respect for this brew, but it was good fun. 3.3/5

Suntory in a hotel water glass... Crispy