What is Gary’s Beer Law?

Gary’s Beer Law States:
“If Beer Contains Artificial Preservatives it is Piss!!”


AP=Artificial Preservatives

Unlike the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 which limits beer to 4 ingredients, Gary’s Beer Law simply requires the exclusion of one type of ingredient: Artificial Preservatives.
This means many more types of beer may be enjoyed, and allows one to enjoy a beer maker’s art.
This is a drinker’s law, not a brewer’s law. This is a law to be followed by health-conscious drinkers who appreciate purity.

This law was started after the great Sydney hangover of 2002. Being raised in a country with only preservative-free beer, my system was not prepared for that preservative-laced excuse for beer that was placed into my body: 5 bottles of James Boags. This made the great Portland Oregon Kegger hangover of 1996 seem like a walk in the park.

To this day prefer to drink natural beer. Hopefully that beer is unpasteurized, and maybe even organic. One thing is for sure, if it contains artificial preservatives, it is “Piss!!”

Are you drinking piss? Check your packaging, read the ingredients, and write your breweries. You deserve to know what you are drinking.

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