The New Purpose

August 9, 2014.

No, sensitivity is not a cute name for a beer. The reason I started writing about beer a number of years ago was that I could not stand beer with additives or preservatives. I would research to find those beers with no chemical additives because they would make me sick. Really sick.

Personally, I couldn’t see any excuse for any brewer to add artificial preservatives, just like I do not understand how they could use GMO grains, and why they would not at least try to use organic ingredients.

Now I also realize that although the problems are different, I am also sensitive to wheat, and maybe all gluten.

That’s pretty great, isn’t it.

I switched to wine for a while. As it turns out, the sulphites in wine give me a headache, if I have more than one glass. That’s no fun!

Also, having a wine blog is no fun… wine experts are all hoity-toity, and I just wasn’t ready for that. ¬†I am a beer guy, so what could I do?

Now, thankfully, there are a handful of brews made from gluten-free ingredients.

Initially I was embarked on a journey to find preservative-free organic beer. My journey has met with a significant fork in the road. My journey is now to find organic, non-gmo lagers, ales, etc, made from alternative ingredients that contain no gluten…


As always, Gary’s Beer Law applies… “if it contains artificial preservatives, it’s piss.”

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