Mash Brewery “Haze” Wheat Beer

Mash Brewery "Haze" Weissbier

It was a bout an hour’s drive from the Perth to visit the Swan Valley’s Mash Brewery.  This is a great place to drink, as every beer is preservative free.  Every beer lover in Western Australia should visit this oasis.  The Australian wineries are a huge tourist attraction, and the breweries are following suit.  This is a great place to hang out and have a few.

Of course I started with the “Haze” Wheat Beer.

Appearance: Straw colour; cloudy 4/5, persistent head 5/5

Aroma: Floral; Intensity 3/5, Very sweet (1/5) ; 4/5 overall

Flavour: Flower, fruit, Apricot, Intensity 4/5 (intense for a hef); balance sweet (0-1/5); Impression is 4/5

Mouthfeel: Creamy, 5/5 Body, 4/5 Carbonation.

Finish: Bready Doughy aftertaste. Disappointing corny finish, lenght 4/5, intensity 4/5, sweet-bitter=1/5

Craftsmanship: 4/5
Freshness 5/5
Personal Taste 4/5

Slightly campy at the end, butdrinkable and interesting at the start. Extra points for being preservative-free pioneers in a preservative loving region. The sweetness is over the top, like dried apricots, but hey, they probably meant to do that. Top marks.

Mash Brewery, Swan Valley, Perth, Australia

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