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This entry is late, very very late. I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to my reader (yes, you) for this very late entry to my blog.
At 5 am I arrived in Taoyuan airport outside Taipei after a relatively quick-feeling 11-hour flight from Vancouver. I then waited 75 minutes to catch a bus which travelled for 15 minutes to arrive at the bullet train station.
I purchased my ticket to Taiwan, then wandered to the 7-11.
There it was! Taiwan Beer. I looked for all the Taiwan beers I could…
But I found only one. The distinctive piano key label of Taiwan Beer. But 5 am it was, and having found it so quickly, I knew it would be easy to find later.
I caught the bullet train, checked my bag into my hotel. Check in time wasn’t until 1:00 (also beer 0‘clock). So I then wandered around taipei, visiting Taipei 101, as well as the museum of modern art. I ate some baked goods which for some reason are really good in Taipei. WOW.
I then wandered to the 7-11 (omnipresent in Taiwan) which was located at the subway station, and brought it back to the Tango Nanshi Hotel where I was staying.
By the way, this was one small but pimpin’ hotel room. I highly recommend this place.
The beer is a gold/straw colour, with a good head, slightly more yellow than your typical Canadian Lager. The head was good and brilliant, but short-lived. The aroma was a 3.5/5 in intensity, and slightly sharp. My overall impression was neutral.
The aroma was slightly toasty and earthy.
The flavour is a 3.5/5 in intensity with a grain and nut quality (maybe rice?) The taste overall is smooth and well-balanced, a nice 4.5/5.
The mouth feel is drying with lively carbonation. The finish was medium to long and moderate in intensity, well balanced initially, with a little sweetness at the end.
This is the first rice beer I have tasted. I give it a 4/5 for craft and 4/5 for freshness.
I liked it fine and dandy, thank you! Overall, a 4.2/5.
So, why is it the best? check out my next entry.

Taiwan Beer, From the 7-11, Taipei

Taipei 101

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

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  1. Be sure to try the Gold version it’s a whole lot better. Also the bottled version is invariably crisper and less metallic. TW beer draught is also a solid beer if you can find it.

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