Whistler Brewing Honey Lager

In addition to the Whistler Glacier Water, this Honey Lager is also brewed with natural alpine honey, lightly hopped for a smooth and mellow finish.
Ah, how nice. Mountain bees, buzzing around. Whatever.
My G-Score is a respectable 3 now. The birds are whistling, the wind has died down, and kids are playing down the street.
The head was alright, not too bad. My wife poured herself a Whisler Export Lager while I was pouring this beer, and her head overflowed all over the place, as she exclaimed “Uh oh, I got stuff wet!!!.”
Obviously the head in the glass has a lot to do with the style of pour. I will need to come up with a standardized pouring method.
The colour is very copper, and it is as clear as can be. The head was quite good.
The aroma was moderately intense (3/5) and it was a little on the sharp side. Overall the aroma was a 4.5/5 on the nice scale. A little bit of nut and chocolate smell. Could be the nutella in the cupboard though.
The flavour intensity was moderately intense (3.5/5) and it was slightly sweet. Overall the taste is very nice, about a 4.7/5.
The mouthfeel was slick and it was medium bodied (3.7/5). The carbonation was quite lively.
The finish was very long, and moderately intense, and well balanced, maybe slightly sweet.
Overall the beer was excellent, and interesting to drink. It was also very fresh tasting.
Rating: 4.7/5

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