Mt Begbie Brewing Powerhouse Pale Ale

Something about this beer just males me want to say “DAM!” Maybe its because there is a photo of what i assume is the Revelstoke Dam on the cover. Or maybe it is because this blue king brown is a nice amber coloured pale ale that despite its name, has a smooth flavour that is subtly spiced, and a relatively light 4.8 percent alcohol.

Oh, if you are still reading this, I checked the label, it is the Revelstoke Dam in 1912. I know, it was probably driving you nuts.

As I drink this, Roberto has let in 2/14 shots and we are down two nothing. In consolation, the Bruins showed their true colours by losing in a punch-up that only brings shame to the game of hockey.

I am glad our team isn’t full of no talent goons , I would hate to watch that every night. Go Canucks Go!!!

Ugh, it’s three nothing.

Oh well, at least the beer isn’t terrible!

[xrr rating=3.5/5]


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