Cannery Brewing 360 Lager

Finding accommodation in penticton is tough during the ironman weekend. As a result, the two past years while volunteering, I have had to stay in osoyoos. This gives my family a bit of a holiday, and I “get” to enjoy the gorgeous 50 minute drive to penticton every day.

This year we are staying at the watermark in, which has one of the few places you can sit and have a few drinks with baby in tow.

Today I am sampling a big bottle from wayermark’s well-selected beer menu.

This is a clear and beautifully colored lager.

The hardest perfection to achieve is the perfection of simplicity.

Unlike my other 5/5 lager, the Fisgard from lighthouse, this one achieves Canadian-style perfection.

Where the Fisgard brought me back to Germany, this one just made Canada a better place.

You could say this is a “well rounded” brew, or that it was brewed with good direction….

Whatever puns I come up with won’t be worthy of keeping you one more second away from trying this beer.

[xrr rating=5/5]


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