Whistler Brewing Weissbier Wheat Ale

I was pleased to see a write-up in a local magazine for Whislter Brewing, which got me excited to try it, and when I saw their sampler pack at the liquor store yesterday, I couldn’t resist grabbing a case of 12.
Whisler Beer is brewed exclusively with Whisler Glacier Water “born in pristine icefields, naturally filtered by the mountains themselves.”
This Wessbier is gold-amber colour and quite cloudy, a 4/5 on the cloudy scale. the head was good, but not persistent. The photo was taken a minute or two after I poured, due to camera trouble.
The aroma is faint in intensity, a bit of citrus, and bready, and slightly sweet, overall it’s good, not great.
The taste was sweet, floral and citrusy, with a moderate intensity, a pretty nice taste, kinda like pop. There’s kind of a funny taste in the nose, like cilantro, but not cilantro. It’s unusual, can’t figure out what it is.
It is medium bodied, and a 2.5/5 on the carbonation scale.
The finish was medium in length and intensity, with just a little bit of sweetness.
Overall, I think they did well with this one, not boring, but mild, smooth and fresh. No need for a lemon.
After writing my article about skunky beer, I think I will refrain from using the garnishes from now on, unless absolutely needed.
Rating: 4.5/5

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