Mill St Brewery Original Organic Lager

Wow, I must say it has been a few years since I have been on Granville Street on a Friday night. What an atmosphere! Last time i was here it was grungy but cool. Now it is clean, well lit, and the skirts are much, much, much shorter.

This is truly a world class place to party.

Anyhoo, we are at a sidewalk cafe (didn’t catch the name) and believe it or not, the selection is absolute shit! They are obviously catering to tourists from the United States who are accustomed to drinking absolute piss.

The menu had only two Canadian beers, one of which I reviewed already, and this one from Toronto.

I love an organic beer, so this is a natural choice for me.

I drank this straight from the bottle. It had a smooth soft, lively mouthfeel and was slightly sweet, with a clean aftertaste.

Not too shabby!

The location was amazing! There is just no better place to be. Mind you, we did have a crackhead come by and start yelling at someone.

It was interesting to watch four members of Vancouver’s finest throw him to the ground and arrest him swiftly with extreme prejudice.

Don’t mess with the po-po!!

[xrr rating=3.75/5]
Rating 3.75/5


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