GIB English Bay Pale Ale

I was in severe dismay when I had to give one of my favourite beers a bad rating, so I stacked the cards in its favour today.
Previously I had to make excuses… it was too warm, I drank a bottle of crappy beer just before hand. I was in a bad mood, I don’t know. Like the true Canuck I am, I kept thinking, today, it had to do better.
The colour is a dark copper, and it is very clear, with a good head.
The aroma is a 4/5 and smells sweet and chocolatey. This is much different from the previous bottle. I ranked the aroma a 4.4/5
The flavour was rather strong (4.6/5) and on the sweet side with floral and spice flavors. It could have been because I just drank an IPA, but I jotted down on my notes “wow, that’s tasty sh#t, especially after an IPA. It’s like cream soda!”
The sensation in the mouth was creamy with a light body, and fairly lively carbonation.
The finish was moderately strong and slightly bitter, lasting 15-20 seconds.
I rated this off the charts in personal taste. It was fresh, with excellent craftsmanship, and I actually rated it a 6.5/5 on my visual scale, but that was the G-Score talking.
Rating: 5/5

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