Whistler Brewing Company Powder Mountain Lager

Whistler brewing has presented us with a superb lager, Powder Mountain Lager.

The bottle is whistler brewing’s usual slim necked (but slightly smaller than average) beauty. This one came in their “travel pack” which is a gorgeous mix pack, packaged in an old-school 2×6 12-pack (a throw back to the 70s and 80s…before I was allowed to drink)…(not much before).

The beer itself is lightly coloured and clear as the driven snow. The taste is actually not unlike a handful of powdery snow: clean and crisp.

This lager has a much cleaner taster than the export lager they presented last year, and is an excellent example of a great Canadian lager.

[xrr rating=4.75/5]


1 thought on “Whistler Brewing Company Powder Mountain Lager

  1. Usually when I have one or more beer of any other alcoholic beverage I get major arthritis pain. I walked in a liquor establishment, and spotted this well decorated 12 pack of beer. I read the package, and thought I might try it. I was totally amazed. I woke up the next morning with no side affects, hang over, sickness, and not even arthritis pain or joint pain. I was totally amazed, I cannot believe it! This satisfies me, and I recommend this to anyone that has the same problem as I have.
    Whistler Travel Pack is #1 Beer offering enjoyable flavours, taste and satisfaction all way around. Don’t stop making such a good beer Whistler!

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