GIB Brockton IPA

From 1889 to 1882 a group of visionary cricket players built Brockton Oval, at Brockton Point on the eastern tip of Vancouver Island.
Mighty trees were felled, ground was leveled, and one of the most beautiful pitches in the world was born.
A century later, the same cricket players made the Brockton IPA!!
Granville Island Brewing so cleverly chose this name for the IPA. Cricket being a huge sport in India, it is only natural to attach this name to the IPA.
Now, we just need some people to play cricket!
Anyhoo, this beer has a nice copper colour, and a very persistent head. It is perfectly clear.
The aroma is quite strong, 4.5/5, and it is a little on the sharp side. Overall it is a very nice aroma.
The flavour intensity is 4/5 and well balanced, with sweet and citrus and herbal flavours. Overall the flavour is a 5/5.
The Mouthfeel is creamy and warming, and the body is very full, with a lively carbonation.
The finish is long, moderately strong and slightly bitter.
Everything is excellent about this beer. It is not too intense, which some IPAs are and it has a refreshing hint of citrus.
Rating: 4.8/5

Brockton Cricket Club:
Granville Island Brewing

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