GIB Brockton IPA

Well, how much has changed since my last post?  The Canucks played Schneider as I wished in game 6 (but still lost). Then Luongo played in a game 7 victory,  in what was called one of the biggest sporting events in Vancouver history.

I, like everybody else has some latent superstition that surfaces during stressful situations like these.  I too, have that desperate need to imagine that I have some control over this gut wrenching heart attack inducing playoff series. Luckily one day before the game,  it came to me!!!

I figured out why the Canucks were losing games!  I believe it was the Big Rock Curse.

Yes, that’s right, its because I was drinking beer from Alberta!

To remedy the situation I put my team Canada t shirt under my Kesler jersey and freely drank as much as I could from my GIB taster pack until Alexandre Burrows scored, just as I was finishing a bottle of GIB Brockton IPA.

Yup, all. Me baby;)

All kidding aside, after picking the empty bottle up from across the room, from the spot to which it was launched during my celebrations, I decided to save the bottle and put it “straight to the pool room” as they say.  I look back fondly, just as Burrows probably has his puck labeled with hockey tape, I have my bottle to forever remember my contribution.

Regardless, this beer is a favourite in my house, and well worth the 5/5 score on any day.  I was in no condition for tasting notes, but if you want some, check out my previous Brockton IPA review here.

GIB Brockton IPA (+ getting to round two)
[xrr rating=5/5]

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