Big Rock Grasshopper

[xrr rating=3.25/5]


Big Rock Grasshopper is a wheat ale from Alberta.  Apparently they grow wheat there, so….

Compared to most wheat ales, Grasshopper is clear, and has a citrus aroma, and smooth lager-like taste.

Apparently after brewing the first batch, the brewmaster had a grasshopper hit his windshield, and thus this beer was a tribute. I wonder what the last thing going through that grasshopper’s head was?  This is a fine beer, and a little different.

Judging from the Canucks’ performance tonight, perhaps they should be renamed the Grasshoppers.  EEEESH!

Anyhoo, I reviewed this beer last October, and this time around this beer has fared not much better.  The head is still weak, but it has a nice clean taste, and despite the outcome of the game, the beer tastes great during spring hockey.


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