Pure Blonde Premium Lager(Australia)

Pure Blonde has come out of nowhere to be “the fastest growing packaged beer in Australia” according to the Fosters group.  It is marketed not just as a pure beer but as a low carbohydrate beer as well, making it seem acceptable for those wanting to watch their weight while they watch the footy.  With all this, there is still a decent 4.6% alcohol level.

This beer really delivers it all, it’s clean and refreshing, and it is really hard to find a beer like this down under.  Although, it is still technically a little light in the flavour department to compete with the big boys, it probably the most purchased beer (by me) in Australia this year, because it was always there, and always tasted great, and would get me about 10% less drunk while hanging with my friends.

[xrr rating=4/5]



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