My visit to Australia has produced many more preservative-free beers than ever before, and I have never had such a great trip down under, as a result.  It is so much easier to enjoy the sun and surf when I know that I am not going to have a hangover.

In addition, I must say that having my son with us for the first time, now 8 months old, makes it all the more special.

Ironically, the first beer I had down under was actually this Steinlager from New Zealand.  As it turns out, they actually seem to know their beer. Much like in Canada we have a stronger brewing culture than in the US (although they have far more selection I must say), I suspect that New Zealand may have much better beer than Australia.  I can see from this one beer that they get it, they just get it!!!

I judge, yes I do, based on this one New Zealand Beer.  Since Australia is only starting to get on to the preservative-free bandwagon (preservatives must mean profits in a hot climate…). This one beer has single-handedly won the ANZ beer gold medal!!!

This clean crisp lager is an absolute beauty!! I loved every sip, and felt strong, confident, and dare I say, Canadian, with its 5% strength!!

The head was beautiful, and it had a gorgeous clean and crisp taste. I would question its ability to make it to North America in drinkable condition (think skunky Stella, Heineken and Corona), in its green bottles, but while down Under, feel free to sample this gem.

4.5/5  G1&2

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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