Cutthroat Pale Ale… What Happened?

Cutthroat Pale Ale… What Happened?

Well tonight we went to Gotham Steak House, and enjoyed a steak and beer before the Canucks played the Bruins (update Canucks lost).

One year ago, at the first Annual Lager Blogger Beer Awards Gala (well, there was no “gala,” really,  it was me and my fridge) I hummed and hawed at my decision for the Pale Ale of the Year.

Should I choose my favourite beer, GIB Pale Ale, or Cutthroat Pale Ale?  Maybe I should have reviewed Okanagan Spring.  It was a very difficult decision, but eventually I voted for the newcomer, Tree Brewing’s Cutthroat Pale Ale.

It really did earn the award, and all privileges thereto (which by the way, are virtually none).

Wow, what a difference a year makes!  I am so disappointed with this beer now!  Bad Cutthroat, after bad Cutthroat.  Something is wrong.  The quality had decreased, maybe they are being stored badly, maybe it just isn’t selling fast enough.  Maybe my standards have raised (I doubt it).

I don’t know what it is, but this year, this relatively young brewing company has let their guard down on what is, I mean was, probably their best beer.

Let’s see what the next year brings, but here is an updated rating on what have been (and I am being nice) “ordinary” showings for this prior classic, which has now just fallen flat, literally (as you can see from the photos) .

This has literally turned from one of the best beers in BC, to one of the worst.  Who knows why, but it will be interesting to see what the next year brings for this beer.

Although I wasn’t planning on doing a review, such was my disappointment that I did snap some photos in anticipation of this damning moment, where I swing my verbal hammer in a moment of, well,  damning disappointment.  Or whatever.

Because it dawned on me:  What if this premier steak house was serving this terrible beer because I gave it a good review last year?   What if they just happened to read it, and thought “hey, the internet says its good, let’s buy some.”

Maybe I have caused peoples’ taste buds to suffer bland and flat swill because I didn’t update my blog on a regular basis? Oh my GOD!!!

Nah.  Like 5 people read this! What are the odds?

Below I have two photos, one from home and one from Gotham Steak House in Vancouver.  It’s dark in Gotham, so the photo is blurry.

So in case the owners at Gotham are reading this… My 2011 Lager Blogger beer awards are coming soon, so worry not.

2.9/5 G1

[xrr rating=2.9/5]

[xrr rating=2.9/5]

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