Tree Brewing Company Limited Edition Raspberry Porter

Tree brewing has given us some very good beers, including last year’s LagerBlogger award winning Cutthroat Pale Ale.

My absolute hatred for flavoured beers is being tested again with this nice limited edition porter.

There is a feeling you get when you open a big beer. It feels somehow more special knowing you get twice as much beer in your bottle.

This porter looks rich and dark, and has a smooth and moderately intense taste of chocolate and raspberry.

If you have ever snuck a chocolate from your wife’s box of chocolates… You know the kind with the fruity stuff in it… It’s a little like that. Only it’s beer.

The taste is mild enough in intensity (4/5) to not be overwhelming, which would appeal to more people, and the beer actually tastes really good.

[xrr rating=3.75/5]

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