Granville Island Brewing “Lions” Winter Ale

Well, the Canucks got smoked 7-1 by the stupid Black Hawks! That’s just great!

Included in the GIB mingler pack is the GIB Lions Winter Ale. For the uninitiated, the beer is likely named after the rounded twin peaks in the North Shore Mountains of Vancouver, which in the winter are capped with a majestic white blanket of snow, and to which we gaze daily in awe. At least that is the namesake I assume, could also be the Lions Gate Bridge or the BC Lions. Whatever.

The GIB Lions Winter Ale is a great seasonal alternative to the regular Pale Ale that we drink all year long. Today I downed two GIB Lagers (one during each period), and am topping off this hockey night with the Winter Ale.

This ale has a noticeable vanilla flavour that tastes smooth and natural, but has enough intensity to make your eyes open with surprise. This is like an adult’s version of a rootbeer float. Vanilla happens to be my favourite flavour, so I think they hit the jackpot with this one.

The Lions Winter Ale “combines premium malt with aromatic specialty hops,” and has a “vanilla-like finish.”

This is a great beer to drink once in a while. Unlike most flavoured beers which seem to hide bad taste, this one is not terrible at all. It tastes clean and natural. The vanilla is like a nice little bonus.

[xrr rating=4.25/5]


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