Tin Whistle Brewing Black Widow Mild Ale

It’s been a long day today!  In an effort to go paperless in my office we are implementing new software, but for the time being it means doing all the work twice while we learn the new system.   Silly computers eh?  FYI, this is a completely paperless website!!!

After arriving home at 8pm, i was having an Okanagan Spring Hopped Lager when the doorbell rang, and our carpenter Yong came to the door and dropped off some salmon that he caught in the Fraser River and had smoked.  I am enjoying this tall boy with some of this smoked salmon… An while I make dinner.

This ale is black with a medium amount of fizz.  The aroma is mild and bitter: chocolate, vanilla and slightly floral.

The taste is very well balanced.  It is mild enough to sink it with confidence, but has enough flavor to make beer lovers happy.

This is very similar to some of the other dark beers I have tried recently, and it will be interesting to taste them all one day to compare.

[xrr rating=4.75/5]

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