PWB Natureland Organic Lager

Alright, this is the one we have been waiting for. The legendary Pacific Western Brewery. Could this be the best kept secret in BC? Is the fact that I have faithfully drunk Kokanee and Molson Canadian for years, only proof of the fact that I am a victim of advertising?
PWB started in 1957 on a fresh water spring. That’s over ten years ago!!!! To be honest with you, most of their beer cans remind me of visiting the grocery store and seeing “MR Pibb” instead of Dr. Pepper. Turns out though, I loved Mr. Pibb, and it was way cheaper.
Anyhoo, this is quite the accomplished brewery. They sold the first canned beer in BC, the First Malt Liquor in Canada, the first draft beer in a can, the frist dry beer in Canada, the first Canadian beer exported to China, and to Russia…
and last but not least, the first Organic Lager in Canada.
This beer was perfectly clear with the best head of the day, which was good, not great. The aroma was very faint, a little like toast, and a very little bit on the sharp side. Overall the aroma was mild and nice.
The flavour was of a moderate intensity, and very well balanced. It had a slight grain flavour, with a fruity taste, kind of like a banana peel. Or maybe vanilla.
The body is very light, and the foam doesn’t stick to the glass at all, and the carbonation is moderate.
The finish was medium to long with a moderate intensity, and very well balanced.
Maybe I was biased because it was organic, maybe not. I was really surprised by how much I liked this beer. It is the kind of beer you can drink every day. It’s refreshing and mild.
I could sink another one in 40 seconds.
Quite good, actually!!

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