Alexander Kieths Premium White

Now out of season, I reviewed this beer in August, but somehow it got lost in the shuffle, and it has miraculously appeared again while looking at the photos on my imac.  Not surprised, this is a rather forgettable beer.

The most interesting part about this drink is the spicy clove taste and aroma. This overpowers any other flavours that the beer may actually have.

The head was poor, and it had a typical wheat beer appearance, just a little hazy.

The spicy aroma is good fun, but really gets to you after a while, and I wouldn’t buy this again.   It probably won’t be available in the winter, but given the spice flavour, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to pass it off as a “White Christmas” beer.

Hopefully they just shelf this one.

[xrr rating=2/5]


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