Harvester Brewing IPA 2


Harvester Brewing IPA 2 is made in my former home of Portland, Oregon. This completely gluten-free brewery and gastropub has recently changed its name to Groundbreaker Brewing. It calls to me! I would love to visit someday, but in the meantime, a bottle of their IPA 2 has made it into my living room.

It has a lively head with medium duration. The floral aroma is moderately strong and slightly bitter. The taste has a moderately intense bitterness (60 ibu).

There is a slight burnt chestnut aftertaste, but if you have ever had a bad chestnut… Its a little like that. The alcohol percentage is 6%. The foam caresses the side of the glass like torn lace, with a slim body.

My wife was drinking Four Winds IPA, and I tried a sip in a “head to head.” Four winds is better, too bad I cant drink it.

Harvester (Groundbreaker) Brewing IPA 2 is a delightful IPA, and the best GF IPA I have tried.


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