Schnitzer Bräu

Schnitzer Brau

This is a great find that was suggested to be by a guy in Nesters Liquor store in Whistler.

Schnitz is made in the black forest in Offenburg, near the french border, near Strasbourg.

Translated from their website:

“Schnitzer Bräu is gluten-free . We use bears solely of naturally gluten-free raw materials and malts.”

Not only is this an amazing treat, but it is made using bears… Impressive.

“For us, it goes without saying that our clients receive organic products that are not loaded with synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. ”

Somewhere in Germany, a bunch of guys read my blog and started an organic gluten free brewery. Then they named it something that was not stupid and obvious like “Glutenburg” (although that must have been hard to resist), and instead named it something that reminds you of the greatest movie of all time, “Beerfest.”

Was that so hard?

Just for Schnitz and giggles, I would have liked to make a “Hitler makes a gluten free brewery” video here, but I just do not have the time for that. It would have been hilarious, trust me!

Schnitzer Is proof that you can have great craftsmanship with alternative ingredients. The head was good with moderate duration, and the mouthfeel was full with great body. The taste was mld in intensity and slightly floral, like what you would expect from a German pilsner.

Schnitzer also has a perfect 5% alcohol. The score for this goes without saying.


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