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August 9, 2014.

No, sensitivity is not a cute name for a beer. The reason I started writing about beer a number of years ago was that I could not stand beer with additives or preservatives. I would research to find those beers with no chemical additives because these chemicals would make me sick. Really sick.

Personally, I couldn’t see any excuse for any brewer to add artificial preservatives, just like I do not understand how they could use GMO grains, and why they would not at least try to use organic ingredients.

Now I have a much greater understanding of how I have multiple chemical sensitivities that make me less able to consume certain chemical additives. About a year ago I started noticing eczema on my hands when they came in contact with certain chemicals. It also got worse if they came in contact with white flour. Eventually, after a diet eliminating gluten, the eczema almost disappeared.

In addition to this, my body shape changed, and despite not losing any weight, my waist size reduced from 34 to 31 inches. As it turns out, there was a high degree of inflammation occurring in my body, especially my abdomen, because I was sensitive to gluten-containing foods.

Strangely, the eczema would re-appear if my skin came in contact with certain substances like some kinds of soap, and household cleaners. The worst was actually white vinegar. Although white vinegar technially contains no gluten, it is made from gluten-containing grains, and even the trace of gluten (less than 10 ppm) causes an instant rash and breaking of my skin.

That’s pretty great, isn’t it.

So I switched to rice vinegar. I use soap that is made using no gluten-containing ingredients.

Then, last, I gave up beer. Never again!

I even switched to wine for a while. As it turns out, the sulphites in wine give me a headache, if I have more than one glass. That’s no fun!

Now, thankfully, there are a handful of brews made from gluten-free ingredients.

Initially I was embarked on a journey to find preservative-free organic beer. This is a significant fork in the road. My journey is now to find organic, non-gmo lagers, ales, etc, made from alternative grains…

Wish Me Luck

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