The Myth of Gluten-Free “Beer”

This is the year to go gluten-free. Yes, it plays like a fad, but I think it is a good thing. I think we should be aware of how much we eat of the same thing, and how many conditions can be caused by gluten sensitivity.

A couple of months ago I downloaded some videos from the Gluten Summit which had experts from around the world talking about all aspects of the harms of gluten and how to go gluten-free. I won’t get into the non-beer-related details… if you want, you can follow this link to download the videos and watch them forever for $97. They are pretty good.

As for beer, there are two really important facts you should know from what I have seen so far.

1: Michael Marsh the leading expert on celiac disease LETS HIS CELIAC PATIENTS DRINK BEER! This was described by the moderator of the Gluten Summit as “revolutionary.” How much beer? Well, he didn’t say. Dr MD Meschino of Adeeva nutrition advocates that the body is only able to recover from one alcoholic drink per day, so if you have a compromised gut situation, and want to drink beer, you may need to stick with a single. Sorry!

2: Beer made without gluten is NOT BEER. As Cynthia Kupper pointed out, Beer is defined as containing barley or wheat, which contain gluten. Although you can have a gluten free beer-like beverage, that beverage is technically not beer.
In order for a beer to become gluten-free, the gluten has to be removed by a chemical process, and then the beverage is labeled “gluten removed”… NO THANKS MOTHER FUCKER!!!

As you know, I don’t even want to have preservatives in my beer, let alone have it undergo some ridiculous chemical process to remove the gluten. I cannot believe the way that these psychopathic big beverage companies will go to any length to attract a (sorry) naive consumer to their beverage. Offering an unsuspecting individual some chemically altered version of the oldest most popular alcoholic beverage in the world, sucking them in by adding “gluten free” to the label, to me, is absolutely appalling.

So, having weighed the pros and cons I am going with Michael Marsh on this one. Just drink the normal beer.

What are you going to do?

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