Kosciuszco Brewing Pale Ale

The flight home to Vancouver from Perth is about as long as it gets, a minimum of 24 hours of travel time. It was nice to break up the journey with a stop for the evening in Sydney. We stayed at a hotel that overlooked the runway. I downloaded an app called LiveATC that allows me to listen to the air traffic control for just about any airport. We could listen to the controllers greet each plane with a “g’day” and then watch them land.

Adding to the thrill was an app called FlightRadar24 that allows you to see all the planes’ positions on a map in real time, complete with actual photographs and details about the flight.

It was really fun watching the planes with my son.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called the Terrace Bar and Brasserie at the Sydney International Terminal.

First of 2014

I ordered a Kosciuszco Brewing Pale Ale on tap. I noticed that they had no beer prices posted anywhere on the menu or chalk board. I wasn’t born yesterday, so I know that this usually means that they are going to charge me double if they know I am foreign. All I have to do now is speak with a perfect Australian accent, and figure out how to pronounce “Kosciuszco.”

Incidentally, this is the highest peak in Australia. Nobody knows this, because nobody gives a shit about this mountain, as it is not even as high as Grouse Mountain.
I ordered a “Ko-SHOO-sco”. I also asked the bartender where it was from.

The barkeep, a true blue Aussie of what looked like aboriginal descent said “it’s the highest peak in Australia mate!”

Bringing the drinks back to the table I explained to my wife that I was drinking a “KoSHOOsco” and it was named after the highest peak in Australia.

It’s “Kozzy-OS-co” she said.

And that’s why these pints cost $15 each!

This beer has a summery and fruity aroma, is full bodied and had a good head.

3/5 G1-2

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