Four Pines Brewing Pale Ale

It was a warm New Year’s Eve in Claremont Australia. Incidentally my wife and I are also having our 8th wedding anniversary today. We usually celebrate by going out for an anniversary lunch, followed by a quiet night at home. We spent most of the day driving home from down south, with a quick stop at the Miami bakery for garlic shrimp pie… a delightful cheat from my newly introduced gluten-free diet.

For dinner we decided to have take out. I walked in to a shitty Mexican place called Mad Mexx in Claremont Quarter. I had a really good meal at a Mad Mexx in Sydney Airport so I thought this would be similar. Unlike the Claremont restaurant, however, the Sydney Restaurant had actual Mexicans working there. For some reason Mexican food tastes better when it is made by Mexicans. I can’t really blame the restaurant owner here in Claremont. You would be hard-pressed to find a Mexican, or any non-caucasian anywhere in Perth… More on that later.

My carnitas had freezer burn.

When you go gluten-free, one thing is for sure, you will lose weight. Just from the shear fact that you can’t eat anything… you will lose weight. You can’t eat that cake at your friend’s birthday party. You can’t have those french fries (unless they have a dedicated fryer). You can’t have toast in the morning… or Shreddies with milk.

Luckily you can eat bacon… mmmmm. bacon.

Can you drink beer? Beer has gluten in it.. but … there is a reason I am still drinking it.

More on that later too.

With my shitty previously frozen take-out meal sitting barely touched in the top of the trash bin, I pulled out a Four Pines Brewing Pale Ale.

I picked these cold from the Sterling Pub Drive-Through bottle-o on Sterling Highway.

Four Pines Brewing is located in the lively and gorgeous suburb of Sydney called Manley, which boasts a tremendous restaurant culture, and a beautiful beach.

This beer really cheered me up. It has a well balanced taste of caramel and citrus. It provided a nice finish to the evening as my son and daughter slept.

5/5 G1

“Dec 31 2013

Four pines brewing pale ale
With shitty mexican carnitas tacos from mad mex in subi. From sterling bottle-o, brewed in manly. Caramel and citrus, well balanced.

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