Innis and Gunn Blonde Oak Aged Beer

This beer came as a recommendation from a friend of mine, Phil. He tried it once, and since then, he can’t drink any other beer.

This beer is blonde colored with good head.

The aroma is unfortunately a little skunky, no doubt a by product of the distance travelled, the cheap clear glass bottles, and exposure to light.

This beer is sold only in singles at the local liquor store, and not being in a case, will be more exposed to light.

The head is wonderfully persistent, and the oak taste (perhaps by design) may tone down the skunky thiol taste.

This is a full bodied beer with a creamy mouthfeel and smooth taste.

Wine lovers may like the Oaked taste, which is nicely familiar, albeit out of place. Otherwise, these flavors lack depth.

The aftertaste is lightly bitter and clean.

Overall, the lack of freshness is a big turn off, but it will be worth another try in the future… If I am in Scotland, that is.

When considering this purchase in a bc liquor stoere, however, consider the score below.

[xrr rating=2/5]


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