Mill St Brewery TankHouse Ale

Impression – Resemblance = Influence


Anyway, G3 (third beer) now, Tankyouse Ale, I mean Tankhouse ale is really nice.

I had three nice beers from Mill St Brewery tonight.  My favourite of the night has to be Paradise IPA.  Shout out to @Beerbecue for thanking me for the recommendation on twitter, and if you made it aaaalll the way out to my blog, I am pointing to you man, I am pointing to you like they do in basketball.  You know.  As in “tankyouse” man.

After watching two periods of Vancouver Canucks whaling on Anaheim, then putting my boy to bed in his awesome racecar (hockey strike free time) bed that I built from scratch thank you Lowe’s (what am I Oprah, why am I thanking Lowe’s?) I couldn’t have done it without you seriously.

Mill St. Doppel Pils

That wasn’t a full sentence, let me continue.

I indulged in a rather gritty Mill St Doppel Pils.  I love the story behind this beer.  They took an easy to drink traditional Czech pil and doubled the recipe.  Hee hee hee!!.

After that I tried the Paradise IPA which had a veritable celebration of hops.  At this point in the night I pondered returning to my old beer analytical ways.  I noticed the mild floral aftertaste.   I read the label.  I noticed they referred to the Pacific Coast as Paradise.  For a moment I wondered if this Toronto brewery was using “Pacific Coast Scenery” as code for “Roberto Luongo.”

Paradise IPA courtesy of Mill St Brewing

I decided the answer to that question was “um…no”… only because there are surf boards on the label, and it looks like a scene from “beach blanket bingo.”  I could still be wrong.


TankHouse Ale from Mill St Brewing

Then I tried a Tankyouse Ale and FUCK! I did it again… TankHouse ale.  That’s not spell check people, that’s me actually typing wrong.

OK, I drank all three of these beers while watching the third period (on the PVR while the boy was asleep (in his racecar bed thank you Lowe’s he is so happy!).  Meanwhile the Great Wall of Schneider worked on his… ummm…. how many career shutouts?  Anyone know what it is?  Please reply in the comments section…

Meanwhile still, @Strombone1 (whoever that is) tweeted about having the squirts in 2007.  Oh man.  This game was so good on so many levels!

Doppel Pils: 3.5/5 G1

Paradise IPA: 4.25/5 G2

Tankyouse Ale: 3.75/5 (I’m going to kill myself… I did it again.   HAHA)




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