Parallel 49 Hoparazzi IPA

So I am watching “Newsroom” On shaw on demand while drinking a beer named Hoparazzi. Coincidence?

In an environment awash with hard-hitting IPAs, the Hoparazzi beer from Parallel 49 offers a light- hearted easy drinking Alternative.

If this beer were a news story, it would be a third page article in In-Touch.
You know, like seeing Britney Spears in her bathing suit with a 1mm belly (ok, I mean like old hot Britney, not the hot mess Britney) and the words “fatty boombah!!! Want another cream cake Britney?!”
I would follow this with a mean whale sound, but I don’t know how to spell it. Kinda like “bvrrrw!…..bvrrrw!…. Pffffsshhhh (blow hole)…..pfffsshhhhh!!!”
That’s just mean! Poor Britney!
Oh yah the beer. Ok, don’t think that this is a bad thing, because millions of people read that stuff. It is not serious, but has just a little bite.

Just a little.

Rating 3/5. G3

Parallel 49 Hoparazzi IPA

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